Just a repost of the best thing I read today:

This is OK. Everything is OK.

I have accepted that everything is awful from here on out. Every day of my life from now until whenever I’m mercifully granted leave of this mortal coil will be awful. Acceptance is peace. Love is war. We have always been at war with Venezuela.

Today, I open the browser on my phone and I’m bombarded with stories about how my government steals kids from their families so they can be raped, how our congressmen are openly and publicly threatening witnesses for giving testimony against a sitting president, and how our young people are such innovators and disruptors that they’re being shitbags in ways that middle-aged people literally wouldn’t have imagined just a couple of years ago.

Tomorrow, I’ll open the newsulator in my ocular view-o-scope and read how Queen for Life Ivanka has liquified all Mexicans to make anti-aging cream, and nuked Ireland on a dare. I’ll read all about how the Bill of Rights has been traded to the US Chamber of Commerce, and in exchange the American people will receive fifty cents’ tax credit and the right to purchase healthcare credits at a mere three hundred percent markup.

The day after that, as I’m slipping into senility, my neural implant will wake me from my afternoon induced coma to inform me that the last remaining human capable of speaking without lying has been put to death for perjury. But I won’t be able to believe that story because the last human capable of telling the truth will have just been put to death, so I’ll be writhing around in my elder-pod, wondering if there are already no more humans capable of speaking without lying, or if they’d already been put to death years before, or if there are in fact still humans capable of telling the truth, just not the ones responsible for delivery the news via neural implant network, or if all of reality had always been a horrible, horrible nightmare dreamed by an insane god, and we were all about to be put out of our misery when that god was smothered to death by his enraged followers.

Whatever! It no longer matters. Everything is fine.